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Flagmoon ™ Rubber Tire

Bias heavy truck tire All-steel heavy truck tire Steel truck wheel
Bias light truck tire Semi-steel light truck tire Car alloy wheel
Agriculture tire Passenger car tire Wheel barrow
Off-the-road tire UHP tire Hand truck
Industrial tire SUV tire Platform hand truck
Pneumatic solid tire 4x4 tire Tool cart
Press-on Solid tire Radial OTR tire

Pneumatic rubber wheel

ATV tire Radial AGRI tire

Solid rubber wheel

skid-steer tire  

Powder rubber wheel

trailer tire  

Foam PU wheel

no-marking solid tire   Caster
Motorcycle tire    
Bicycle tire    
Butyl tube and nature tube    







1)Linesman pliers with insulated handles size: 6″7″8″
2)American-type linesman pliers, fine polished, with dipped handles
size: 6″7″8″
3) Combination pliers,chrome plated, with transparent handles
size: 6″7″8″
4)American type linesman pliers,polished with insulated handles
size: 6″7″8″
5)Combination pliers,polished ,with side cutting jaws & transparent handles
size: 6″7″8″
6)Combination pliers ,chrome plated, with side cutting jaws &transparent handles
size: 6″7″8″
7)Combination pliers with side cutting jaws&insulated handles size: 6″7″8″
8)Combination pliers,polished,with side cutting jaws &insulated handles
size: 6″7″8″
9) Diagonal pliers,chrome plated,with transparent handles size: 5″6″7″8″
10)Diagonal pliers with transparent handles size: 5″6″7″8″
11) Flat nose pliers with insulated handles size: 5″6″7″8″
12) Long nose pliers with insulated handles size: 5″6″7″8″
13):German type slim head long nose pliers with insulated handles size:6 ″
14)American type long nose pliers,fine polished,with dipped handles
size: 5″6″7″8″
15)Slip joint pliers,with matt handles size:6″8″10″
16)Slip joint pliers, size:6″8″10″
17) Lock-grip pliers size: W-1 5″7″10″
18)Lock-grip pliers size: SH-1 9″
19)Grooved joint type pump pliers, polished with matt handles
20)Box joint type pump pliers size:240mm
21)Pump pliers with iron handles size:10″
22)Grooved joint type pump pliers with transparent handles size:10″
23)Bolt clippers with HSS blade &pipe handles
24)Bolt clippers with pipe handles size: 12″14″18″24″30″36″42″
25)Japanese type bolt clippers size:18″24″36″
26)Mini-type bolt clippers size:8″
27)Round shoulder carpenter's pincers size:6″7″8″
28)Square shoulder carpenter's pincers with straight handles size:6″7″8″
29)Square shoulder carpenter's pincers size:6″7″8″10″
30) Tower pincers with insulated handles size:8″9″10″
31)Tower pincers size:8″9″10″
32)End-cutting pliers size:160mm
33)En-cutting pliers size:160mm
34)Light duty electrode holder 300AMP,350AMP,500AMP
35)Heavy duty electrode holder 300AMP,350AMP,500AMP
36)German type electrode holder 400AMP,500AMP,600AMP
37)Japanese type electrode holder 400AMP,500AMP,
38) Italian type electrode holder 400AMP,500AMP,
39)American type light duty pipe wrench size:8″ 10″12″14″18″24″36″48″
40) American type heavy duty pipe wrench size: 8″ 10″12″14″18″24″
41)Stillson type pipe wrench size: 8″ 10″12″14″18″24″36″ 48 ″
42)Pipe wrench,dipped handle size:8″10″12″14″18″24″36″48″
43)Pipe wrench offset head dipped handle size:6″ 8″10″12″14″18″24″36″
44)Bentnose pipe wrench 90o size:3/4″1″1-1/2″2″3″4″
45)Bentnose pipe wrench 45o size:3/4″1″ 1-1/2″ 2"
46)Pipe wrench, Sweden type size:1″1-1/2″2″
47)Pipe wrench, German type size: 7″ 9″10-1/2″12″
48)Chain pipe wrench size: 4″6″ 8″
49)Pipe cutter size:3-28mm
50)Pipe cutter size:No.2:12-50mm,No.3:25-75mm
51)Pipe cutter ,malleable steel size:No.2:12-50mm,No.3:25-75mm
52)Ratchet die stocks type 114 size:1/2″-3/4″ 1″-1-1/4″ 1-1/2″-2″
53) Ratchet die stocks type 117 size:2-1/4″-3″ 3-1/2″-4″
54)Ratchet die stocks type 62 size:3pcs:1/2″-1″ 4pcs:1/2″-1-1/4″ 5pcs:3/8″-1-1/4″
55)Ratchet die stocks,type 63
56)Hinged pipe wrench size:2″
57) Hinged pipe wrench
58)Bench vise, stationary base size:50mm 60mm
59) Bench vise with anvil, stationary base
60)Bench vise, swivel base
61)Bench vise with anvil, swivel base
62)Table vise with anvil, stationary base
63) Table vise without anvil, stationary base
64)American-type octagonal claw hammer size: 8oz,12oz,16oz,20oz,24oz
65)British-type claw hammer (polished head)size:21mm,23mm,25mm,27mm,29mm
66)Claw hammer with black lacquered head size:0.25kg,0.5kg,0.75kg
67)Claw hammer with steel handle size:8oz,12oz,16oz
68) American type octagonal claw hammer size:21mm,23mm,25mm,27mm,29m
69)Italy type claw hammer with wooden handle size:0.3kg,0.4kg,0.5kg
70)F-type casing hammer size:0.6kg,0.7kg
71)Germany type machinist's hammer
72)French type machinist's hammer size:20mm,25mm,28mm,30mm,35mm,40mm,45mm
73)Germany type stoning hammer size:0.8kg,1kg,1.25kg,1.5kg, 2kg, 3kg,4kg,5kg,6kg,8kg
74)British type stoning hammer size:2lb,2.5lb,3lb,4lb
75)American type stoning hammer size:2lb,2.5lb,3lb
76)French type stoning hammer size:1kg,1.25kg,1.5kg,2kg
77)Spanish type stoning hammer size:1lb,1.25lb,1.5lb,2lb
78)American type sledge hammer size:2lb,2.5lb,3lb,4lb,6lb,8lb,10lb,12lb.14lb,16lb,18lb,20lb
79)American type sledge hammer head size: 2lb,2.5lb,3lb,4lb,6lb,8lb,10lb,12lb.14lb,16lb,18lb,20lb
80)British type sledge hammer size:2lb,3lb,4lb,6lb,8lb,10lb,12lb.14lb,16lb,18lb,20lb
81)British type sledge hammer head size:2lb,3lb,4lb,6lb,8lb,10lb,12lb.14lb,16lb,18lb,20lb
82)Japanese type sledge hammer size: 2lb,2.5lb,3lb,4lb,6lb,8lb,10lb,12lb.
83)American-type cross pein sledge hammer size:2lb,2.5lb,3lb,4lb
84)American type ball pein hammer size:4oz,8oz,12oz,16oz,24oz,32oz,40oz,48oz
85)British type ball pein hammer size:0.25lb,0.5lb,0.75lb,1,1.5lb,2lb,2.5lb,3lb
86)French type jointer's hammer size:18mm,20mm,22mm,25mm,28mm,30mm
87)British type jointer's hammer size: 0.2kg,0.3kg,0.5kg
88)French type electrician's hammer size: 15mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,22mm,25mm
89)British type chipping hammer size:0.2kg,0.3kg,0.5kg
90)Welding hammer size:0.3kg,0.4kg,0.45kg
91)American type welding hammer size:0.2kg,0.3kg,0.5kg
92)Japanese type welding hammer size:0.23kg
93)Cross pein hammer size:14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,22mm,25mm
94) Pecking hammer size:0.3kg
95)Crosspein mallet size:0.3kg
96)Crosspein mallet size:0.5kg
97)Roofing hammer with steel handle size:0.5kg,0.6kg
98)German type mason's hammer-R size:0.5kg,0.6kg
99)German type mason's hammer -B size:0.5kg,0.6kg
100)German type mason's hammer size:0.5kg,0.6kg
101)Replaceable face hammer with plastic end and rubber end
102)Replaceable face hammer with plastic end
103)Replaceable face hammer with iron end and plastic end
104)Replaceable face hammer with iron end and rubber end
105)Rubber mallet size:1/2lb,1lb,1-1/2lb,2lb
106)Pocket tool set
107)7pcs auto body fender kit
108)Rubber holder for stoning hammer size:1kg,1.25kg,1.5kg,2kg
109) Adjustable wrench chrome steel size: 4″6″ 8″10″12″15″18 ″24″
110)Adjustable wrench carbon steel size: 4″6″8″10″12″15″ 18″24″
111)Fully-polished adjustable wrench size:6″8″10″12″15″
112)Double-open end spanner sets,chrome plated size:8-19mm in 6pcs, 6-22mm in 8pcs
113)Combination wrench sets size:6-15mm,9-23mm
114)Double offset ring spanner sets size:8-19mm in 6 pcs 10-22mm in 6pcs 6-22mm in 8pcs
Combination spanner (raised-panel) size: 8x(8-19) 8x(8-22) 10x(8-22) 12x(6-22) 14x(8-24)
115)L -type wrench socket(hexagonal)with hole size:8-21 14pcs
116) T-type spark plug wrench size: 16mm,17mm,19mm,21mm
117 Y type wrench
118) T type wrench
119)Combination pliers
120)T type wrench with plastic grip
121)L type combination wrench socket(hexagonal)
122) ratchet wrench
123) Cross rim wrench ,silver plated
124) Cross rim wrench ,chrome plated
125)Cross rim wrench ,facom type
126)Cross rim wrench ,foldable
127)Hexagonal key set ,chrome plated
128)Hexagonal key set, black finish
129)Hexagonal key set with spring coil
130)T type hex key set,plastic handle
131)Jumbo socket wrench set
132)Socket wrench set 32pcs size:8-32mm
133)Socket wrench set 24pcs size:10-32mm
134)Steel rule size:150mm,300mm,
135)Zinc alloy try square size:6″8″10″12″
136)Cast iron steel try square size:6″8″10″12″
137)Try square, yellow painted size:10″12″14″
138)Plastic calipers size:150mm/6″
139)Iron sheet calipers size:150mm/6″
140)Vernier calipers size: 125mm,1
141)Dial calipers size: 4″6″8″12″
142)Outside micrometer size: 0-25mm,25-50mm,50-75mm,75-100mm,100-125mm
143) Aluminium level No.88A size:8″10 ″12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24 ″28″ 30″ 32 ″36″ 40″ 48″ 60″ 72″
144) Aluminium level No.88D size:8″10 ″12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24 ″28″ 30″ 32 ″36″ 40″ 48″ 60″ 72″
145) Aluminium level No.88E size:8″10 ″12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24 ″28″ 30″ 32 ″36″ 40″ 48″ 60″ 72″
146) Aluminium level No.91A size:8″10 ″12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24 ″28″ 30″ 32 ″36″ 40″ 48″ 60″ 72″
147) Aluminium level No.92B size:8″ ″12″ 16″ 20″ 24 ″ 32 ″
148)No.1-1 :Plastering trowel No.1-1 size:275 x125mm/11″x5″
149) No.1-2: Plastering trowel No.1-2 size: 275 x125x100mm/11″x5″x4″
150) No.1-3: Plastering trowel No.1-3 size:238 x125mm/9-1/2″x 5″
151) No.1-4: Plastering trowel No.1-4 size:250mm/10″
152) No.1-10: Plastering trowel No.1-10 size:280x115mm/11″x4-1/2″
153) No.1-20: Plastering trowel No.1-20 size: 280x130mm/11″x5-1/8″
154) Plastering trowel with plastic handle size:280x115mm/11″x4-1/2″
155)No.2-1: Bricklaying trowel No.2-1 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″9 ″10″
156) No.2-2: Bricklaying trowel No.2-2 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″
157) No.2-3: Bricklaying trowel No.2-3 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″9 ″10″
158) No.2-4: Bricklaying trowel No.2-4 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″
159)No.2-5: Bricklaying trowel No.2-5 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″9 ″10″
160) No.2-6: Bricklaying trowel No.2-6 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″9 ″10″
161) No.2-7: Bricklaying trowel No.2-7 size : 5″6″7″ 8 ″9 ″10″
162)Bricklaying trowel black handle size:220mm
163)Scraper with wooden handle size: 1-1/2″1-3/4″ 2″2-1/2″ 3″3-1/2″ 4 ″5″
164) Scraper with holed wooden handle size:20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm 90mm 100mm 125mm
165) Scraper with black rubber handle size:1″ 2 ″3″ 4″
166)Scraper with long plastic handle size:1-1/2″ 2″ 3″ 4 ″
167)Square type scraper set
168)Scraper, wooden handle with teeth size:1″ 2 ″3″ 4″
169)Scraper, short wooden handle with teeth size:85 x178mm
170)Side scraper
171)Caulking gun size:9 ″
Caulking gun size:9 ″
172)Caulking gun,Aluminium alloy size:9 ″
173)Lever type caulking gun size: 400cm3seamless tube 400cm3 welded tube
174)Flat edge hexagonal cold stone chisel size:150x16x19,200x16x19,250x16x19,350x16x19,400x16x19
175)Pointed hexagonal cold stone chisel size:150-400x16,200-350x18
176) Flat edge octagonal cold stone chisel
177) Pointed octagonal cold stone chisel size:150-300x14,150-350x18,200-500x18
178)Stone chisel with protector
179))W-01Wrecking bar W-01 size:300mm-1000mm
180)W-02Wrecking bar W-02 size:12″-48″
181)W-03Wrecking bar W-03 size:14″-48″
182)W-04 Wrecking bar W-04 size:300mm,-800mm
183)W-09 Wrecking bar W-09 size:300mm,400mm
185)W-10 Wrecking bar W-10 size:24″30″36″
186) W-12 Wrecking bar W-12 size:15″
187)Crow bar CB01 size:4kg,5kg,6kg,7kg,8kg,9kg
188)Crow bar CB02 size:6lbs,8lbs,10lbs,12lbs,14lbs,16lbs,18lbs,22lbs,26lbs
189Crow bar CB04 size:1.5m,1.8m,2m
190Crow bar CB09 size:14lbs,17lbs
191)Crow bar CB10 size:12.5lbs,14lbs,14lbs
192) Crow bar CB16 size:8lbs,12lbs
193)Crow bar CB20 size:14lbs
194)Firmer chisel, beveled edge, with wooden handle ,British type
195) Firmer chisel ,beveled edge, with wooden handle Thai-type
196)Firmer chisel, beveled edge, with wooden handle &ferrule, German type
197) Firmer chisel, beveled edge with orange plastic handle
size: 1/4″5/16″3/8″1/2″5/8″3/4″7/8″1″1-1/4″1-1/2″
198)Firmer chisel with plastic handle, iron core
size: 1/4″5/16″3/8″1/2″5/8″3/4″7/8″1″1-1/4″1-1/2″
Firmer chisel, beveled edge, with round plastic handle
size: 1/4″5/16″3/8″1/2″5/8″3/4″7/8″1″1-1/4″1-1/2″
199)Flat pointed file size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
200) Round file size: Bastard, second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
201)Half-round file size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
202)Triangular file size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
203)Slim taper saw file size: 4″5″ 6″7″8″
204)Flat file size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size: 6″8″10″12″14″
205) Square File size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
206)Flat pointed wood rasp size: bastard ,second cut, smooth size:6″8″10″12″14″
207)Needle files sets size: 5pcs,10pcs,12pcs ;3x140mm 4x160mm,5x180mm
208)Needle files with plastic handles size: 6pcs 5x170mm
209)Steel files set with plastic handle size:6″-14″
210)Steel files set with wooden handle size:8″
211) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
212) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
213) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
214) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
215) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
216) Handsaw w /wooden handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
217)Handsaw w/plastic handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
218)Handsaw w/plastic handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
219)Handsaw w/plastic handle size:12 ″14″16″18″20″22″24″26″
220) Backsaw size: 10″
221) Compass saw: size: 12″14″16″
222) Pruning saw size:17″
223) Pruning saw size:14″
224) Tree-branch saw size:8″10″12″14″
225)Crosscut saw size:3′x4-3/4″x18g 3-1/2′x4-3/4″x18g 4′x5″x17g 4-1/2′x5″x17g
226)Garden saw size: 18″ 20″ 24″ 30″ 36″
227) Hacksaw blade size:10″-12″
228) Double-edge teeth blade size:12″
229) Solid hacksaw frame ,chrome plate size:12″
230) Solid hacksaw frame ,black finish size:12″
231) Adjustable hacksaw frame ,chrome plate size:10″-12″
232)Adjustable hacksaw frame ,black finish size:10″-12″
233)Square tube hacksaw frame with plastic handle size:12″
234)Adjustable tubular hacksaw frame size:10″-12″
235)Junior hacksaw frame, alumimium alloy size:6″
236)Junior hacksaw frame with plastic handle size:6″
237)Aluminium alloy square tube hacksaw frame size: 12″
238)Junior hacksaw frame with wooden handle size:6″
239)Solid hacksaw frame with wooden handle size:12″
240)Black plastic enclosed type saw fame
Junior hacksaw frame size: 6″ chrome / nickel plated
Junior hacksaw frame,aluminium plated with saw blades size: 6″
241)Plane iron, single size: 1-1/2″1-3/4″2″2-1/4″
242)Top iron and screw size: 1-1/2″1-3/4″2″
243)Spoke shaves size:9″10″
244)Hand drill size:1/4″-3/8″
245)Ratchet bit brace size:2 jaws 10″,12″
246)Breast drill size: 3/8″1/2″
247Hand grinder size:4″5″6″
248)Aluminium oxide cloth size:No.00,No.0,No.1,No.1-1/2,No.2,No.2-1/2,No.3,No.4
249)Glass paper size: No.00,No.0,No.1,No.1-1/2,No.2,No.2-1/2,No.3,No.4
250)Aluminium oxide water -proof abrasive paper size:
251)Aluminium oxide grinding disc s
252)Aluminium oxide combination sharpening stone size:5 ″6″8″
253)Black silicon carbide combination sharpening stone size:5 ″6 ″8″
254)Aluminium oxide combination sharpening stone, oval shape size:9″
255)Aluminium oxide rubbing brick size: 4 ″6″ 8″
256)Assorted sharpening stone size:4″6″
257)Fiber-strenthened resin cutting wheel size:100x3x16mm 100x4x16mm 100x6x16mm 115x3x22mm 115x6x22mm 125x3x22mm
258)Mounted stone set size: 5pcs 6mm 10pcs 3-6mm, 5pcs 1/4″ 10pcs 1/8″-1/4″
259)Carpenter's pencil
260)Wooden clamp size:120 x250,300,350,400,450,500,600,800,1000,1500,2000
261)Wooden clamp
262)G clamp, heavy duty size:1″2″ 3″4″5″6″8″10″12″
263)G clamp, light duty size:1″2″ 3″4″5″6″8″10″12″
264)C clamp size:1″2″ 3″4″5″6″8″
265)Plumb bob size:100g,150g,200g,300g,400g,500g
266) Heavy duty U.S. style riveter size:250mm,10 ″
267) ) European style riveter size:260mm,10.5″
Heavy duty hand riveter with two handles size:No.5
268)Glass cutter size:1″2″3″4″5″
269)Shoe tacks size:1/2″5/8″ 3/4″
270)Iron panel pins size:1/2″x BWG20,19,18,17;5/8″x BWG19,18,17;3/4″x BWG19,18,17;1″x BWG17
271)Common round nails, countersunk, checkered head size:3/8″-6 ″XBWG4-20
272)Round nail, K head size::3/8″-6″x BWG4-20
273)Common round nails, countersunk,, blossom head size:3/8″-6″XBWG4-20
274)Lost head nail size:1/2″x BWG18; 3/4″x BWG18,17; 1″x BWG16,17,18;
1-1/4″x BWG15,16;
275)Ardox nails, flat head, diamond point, twisted shank. size:1-1/4″
276Concrete nails, zinc plated size:1/2″5/8″3/4″1″1-1/4″1-1/2″1-3/4″2″2-1/2″3″
277)Duplex head nails size:6d,8d,10d,20d,30d
278)Roofing nails, flat head size:3/4″7/8″1″1-1/4″1-1/2″1-3/4″2″
279)Roofing nails, umbrella head size:
280)Roofing nails, umbrella head, twist shank
281)Common nails ,spiral thread, umbrella thread.
282)Common round nails, round head.
283)Floor nails,flat countersunk head
284)Floor nails, flat countersunk head, fluted thread
285)Chair nails
286)T type nails
287)Wood screws, flat countersunk head, slotted
288)Hexagonal head wood screws
289)Self-typing screw
290)Dry wall screw
291) U type staples
292)U type staples
293)Carpentry bolt, square head, black finish
294)Carpentry bolt, square head, zinc plated
295)Carpentry bolt, hexagonal head, black finish
296)Carpentry bolt, square head, zinc plated
297)Nuts ,zinc plated
298)Nuts, black finish
299)Track bolt with nut
300)Machine bolt, hexagonal head, black finish
301)Roofing bolt with square nuts, zinc plated
302)Roofing bolt, full thread
303)Carriage bolt
304)Machine screw, hexagonal socket cap head
305)Machine screw, hexagonal head
306)Machine screw, slotted countersunk flat head.
307)Machine screw,
308)Flat washer
309)Spring washer
310) Mild steel rivets Rivets
315)Steel wire head
316)wire head
317)steel cable lock
318)steel wire lock
319)Joint lock
322)Square hinge
323)H type hinge
324)Tower bolt
325)Tower bolt
327)Animal chain
328)Link chain
329)Link chain
330)Shackle JIS type size:5mm 6m 8mm 9mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 22mm 25mm 38mm 50mm
331)Shackle size:5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 20mm 22mm 28m 32mm
332)Turnbuckles 6x100mm 8x125mm 10x150mm 12x200m 16x250mm 20x300mm 22x325mm 24x350mm
333) American type turnbuckles 3/8″ 1/2 ″5/8 ″3/4″ 7/8 ″1″
334)Wire rope clips 6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 32mm 38mm 45mm 50mm
335)Wire rope clips size: 1/8″ 3/16 ″1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8 ″1/2 ″5/8 ″3/4″ 7/8″ 1″
337)Hook size: 0.5t 1t 0.75t 1.5t 2t 3t 5t
338)carabine hooks size:5x5mm 6x6mm 7x7mm 8x8mm 9x9mm 10x10mm
339)Eye screw
340)Galvanized iron wire size: BWG No.:6 -33
341)Flat stitching wire size:BWG No.:18-28
342)Barbed iron wire
343)P.V.Ccoated iron wire size: BWG No.:11-20Core 8-17outside
344) Shovel head S501 size: 295 x225 golden, bright & black painted
345)Shovel head S502 #1 size: 395 x 280 golden ,bright & black painted
346) Shovel head S502 #2 size: 370x 270 golden ,bright & black painted
347) Shovel head S503#3 size:310 x 250 golden ,bright & black painted
348) Shovel head S503-2A, size:395x 225 golden ,bright & black painted
349) Shovel head S507, size:300x242 golden ,bright & black painted
350)Shovel head S510, size:285x265 black painted
351) Shovel head S511, size:225x215 blue painted
352) Shovel head S511B size:225x215 black painted
353) Shovel head S511C, size:225x215 black painted
354) Shovel head S511H size:225x215 blue painted
355)Shovel head S512, size:310x190
356)Shovel head S518, size:305x220
357)Shovel head S519, size:240x290
358) Shovel head SF527, size:270x230
359) Shovel head SF529, size:290x251
360)Shovel head S530, size:290x245
361) Shovel head S532, size:275x235
362)Shovel head S533, size:275x215
363) Shovel head S534 size:251x170
364) Shovel Head S514 size:288x177
368)Shovel with wooden handle S501D size:1020mm
369) Shovel with wooden handle S501Y size:1000mm
370) Shovel S501Y size:970mm Metal handle
371) Shovel with wooden handle S501L size:1500mm
372)Shovel with wooden handle S502D size:1020mm
373) Shovel with wooden handle S502Y size:1000mm
374) Shovel with wooden handle S502L size:1500mm
375) Shovel with wooden handle S503D size:1020mm
376) Shovel S503Y size:970mm Metal handle
377) Shovel with wooden handle S503L size:1500mm
378) Shovel with wooden handle S503YJ size:1000mm
379) Shovel with wooden handle S510D size:1020mm
380) Shovel with wooden handle S512D size:1020mm
381) Shovel with wooden handle S512Y size:1020mm
382) Shovel S512Y Metal handle size:970mm
383) Shovel with wooden handle S514D size:1000mm
384) Shovel with wooden handle S518D size:1020mm
385) Shovel with wooden handle S518Y size:1000mm
386) Shovel with wooden handle S518L size:1500mm
387)Shovel with wooden handle S519Y size:1000mm
388) Shovel with wooden handle S527D size:1020mm
389)shovel with wooden handle S533MY size:980mm
390) shovel with wooden handle S534MY size:950mm
391) Shovel with wooden handle S527D size:1020mm
392) Shovel with wooden handle S519D size:970mm
393) Shovel with wooden handle S519L size:1480mm
395) Axe head A601, size:1 lbs,1-1/2 lbs,1-3/4 lbs,2 lbs,2-1/2 lbs,3 lbs3-1/2 lbs,4 lbs,4-1/2 lbs
396) Axe head A603, size: 2 lbs,2-1/2 lbs,3 lbs3-1/2 lbs,4 lbs,4-1/2 lbs
397) Axe head A606, size: 2 lbs,2-1/2 lbs,3 lbs,3-1/2 lbs,4 lbs,4-1/2 lbs
398) Axe head A609, size:1-/-1/2 lbs,1-3/4 lbs
399) Axe head A611, size:0.7 kg, 0.8 kg
400) Axe head A613, size: 600g,700g,800g,1000g
401) Axe head A615A, size:3-1/2 lbs
402) Axe head A615B size: 3-1/2 lbs
403) Axe head A621, size:6 lbs,8 lbs
404)Axe with wooden handle A601
size:1 lbs,1-1/2 lbs,1-3/4 lbs,2 lbs,2-1/2 lbs,3 lbs3-1/2 lbs,4 lbs,4-1/2 lbs
405) Axe with wooden handle A613 size:500g,600g,700g,800g,1000g,1200g,1500g
406) Axe with wooden handle A615A size: 3-1/2 lbs
407) Axe with wooden handle A615B size:3-1/2 lbs
408) Axe with wooden handle A001 size: 3-1/2 lbs
409) Axe with wooden handle A002 size:1000g,1250g,1400g,1600g
410) Axe with wooden handle A006 size:0.8 kg,1 kg
411) Axe with wooden handle A010 size: 400g,
412) Axe with wooden handle A014 size:600g
413)A617:Multi-purpose axes size:13"
414) Pickaxe P401, size:5-1/2lbs 7lbs
415) Pickaxe P 402, size:6lbs,7lbs
416) Pickaxe P403 size:5-1/2lbs 6lbs,7lbs
417) Pickaxe P404 size:1kg,1.5kg,2kg,2.5kg,3kg
418) Pickaxe P406 size:4-1/2lbs,5lbs
419) Pickaxe P407 size:4-1/2lbs,5lbs,6lbs
420) Pickaxe P408 size:1.5kg,1.8kg
421) Pickaxe P409 size:4-1/2lbs,5lbs,5-1/2lbs
422) Pickaxe P410 size: 2kg,2.5kg,3kg,3.5kg
423) Pickaxe P411 size:1.5kg,2.5kg,3kg,3.5kg
424) Pickaxe P412 size:4-1/2lbs,5lbs
425) Pickaxe P413 size:5lbs
426) Pickaxe P414 size:2-1/2lbs,3lbs,5lbs
427) Pickaxe P415 size:1lg,1.5kg,1.8kg,2.5kg
428) Pickaxe P416 size:5lbs
429) Pickaxe P419 size:6lbs
430)Pickaxe with wooden handle P401,P402 Length :1000mm
431)SM01: Splitting mauls SM01 size:6lbs,8lbs
432) SM02A: Splitting mauls SM02A size:6lbs,8lbs,10lbs,12lbs
433) SM02B: Splitting mauls SM02B size:6lbs,8lbs,10LBS,12LBS
434) SM03: Splitting mauls SM03 size:4lbs,6lbs,8lbs
435) SM09: Splitting mauls SM09 size:1.5kg,2kg,2.5kg
436) SM10: Splitting mauls SM10 size:3lbs,4bs,6lbs,8lbs,10lbs,12lbs
437) Sickle SI205, size: 7 ″ 8 ″
438) Sickle SI206,
439) Sickle SI208B,
440) Sickle SI333
441)Garden hoe
445) Gravel rake
446) Lawn head with 22 tines
447)Gravel rake R103 teeth:6,8,10,12
448)Fork head F101 size:310x210mm 4 oval prongs
449) Fork head F102 size:300x190mm 4 oval prongs
450) Fork head F103 size:300x190mm 3 oval prongs
451) Fork head F105 size:335x178mm/3-1/2lbs 3prongs 340x197mm/4lbs 4prongs
452) Fork head F001 size:330x230mm/1.5kg 7 prongs 330x230mm/1.75kg 9prongs
453) Fork head F002 size:310x210mm 4 oval prongs
454) Hoe H301 size:2lbs,2-1/2lbs,3lbs,3-1/2lbs,4lbs
455) Hoe H302 size: 2lbs,2-1/2lbs,3lbs,3-1/2lbs,4lbs
456) Hoe H304 size: 2lbs,2-1/4lbs,2-1/2lbs,3lbs,
457) Hoe H305 size: 2″2-1/2″3″
458) Hoe H320 size:3-1/4LBS
459)Adze size No.00,No.0,No.1,No.2,No.3
460)Knife M204 size:16″18″20″
461)Knife M212 size: 16″18″
462)Hedge shear size:9″ 10″12″
463) Hedge shear size: 9″ 10″12″
464) Hedge shear size 9″ 10″12″
465)Secateurs SE701 size:8″
466) Secateurs SE702 size:7-1/2″8-1/2″
467)Secateurs SE931 size:6″8″
468) Secateurs SE803 size:7-1/2″
469) Secateurs SE763 size:6″
470)Shear SE727
471) shear SE728
472) Shear SE729
473) Shear SE730
474) Shear SE731
475) shear SE732
476)Tinman's snips,forged with straight handles,British type size:8″10″12″
477)Tinman's snips,forged with spring,German type size:8″10″12″
478) Tinman's snips,forged with contoured handles, American type size:8″10″ 12″
479) Tinman's snips,cast iron with straight handles,British type size:8″10″12″
480) Tinman's snips,cast iron with spring,German type size:8″10″12″
481) Tinman's snips, cast iron with contoured handles, American type
size: 8″ 10″12″
Tinman's snips, bent nose, French type size:10″
482)Polypropylene band packing machine size:81-1
483)Metal stripes size: BWG18X3/4″-1″;BWG19 X 3/4″-1″;BWG20X3/4″-1″
484)Hydraulic bottle Jack size:1.5t,2t,3t,4t,5t,6t
485) Hydraulic bottle Jack size: 8t
486) Hydraulic bottle Jack size: 10t,12t
487) Hydraulic bottle Jack size:15t,16t
488) Hydraulic bottle Jack size:32t
489) Long arm Jack size:3t,5t,8t
490)Floor Jack size:2t
491) Floor Jack size:2-1/2t
492) Floor Jack size:2-3/4t
493)Scissors Jack size:0.75t,0.8t,1t
494)Chain blocks size:0.5t,1t,2t,3t,10t
495)Iron wheel
496)Hose clamp set size:13-23mm
497)Castor ,fixed
498) Castor, swivel
500)Types ,yellow
501)Types white
502) Safety helmet
503)Working glooves
504)Dust masks
Corner clamp size: 4″red, blue
Welding torch size:No.H01-12
505)Dust masks, with plastic pack
506)Protection goggles
507)Ear muff
508)Ear muff
509)3pcs safety kits
510)Rubber gloves
511)Charcoal iron 752
512)Charcoal iron 751
513) Anvil
514)Steel wire brush size: 3 rows 4 rows 5rows 6rows
515)Steel wire brush size: 3 rows 4 rows 5rows 6rows
516)Steel wire brush size: 3 rows 4 rows 5rows 6rows
517)Steel wire brush size:6x19
Brass wire brush size: 3 rows 4 rows 5rows 6rows
518)Paint brush
519)Paint brush
520)Paint brush
521)Paint brush
522)Paint brush
523)Paint brush
524)Paint roller size:4 ″6″ 7″ 8″9″10″
525)Paint roller size:4 ″6″ 8″9″10″
526) Paint roller size:4 ″6″ 8″9″10″
527)Steel wire wheel brush
528)Steel wire wheel brush
529) Steel wire wheel brush
530)Steel wire wheel brush


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