China Shandong province is the origin of Chinese fresh ginger. Shandong ginger
is very famous all over the world for its characteristics such as big size,fat
body,freshness,durable storage and moderately hot flavor.Gingerking located in
Qingdao Shandong china.Gingerking have 2000 acres of non pollution organic ginger
growing base.And our fresh ginger storage undergroud is 10 acres.Gingerking export
10,000MT ginger to the world markets each year.Gingerking ginger sell well in USA,
Canada,Japan, Europe, Middle-East etc.

Ginger Size:350 gram up per piece
L 250-350g M 150-250g S 100-150g
SS: 50-100g Fresh and Dried Ginger
Packing:10kgs/plastic bag within carton;20kgs/mosquito net bag,
10kgs/mosquito net bag.30lbs/carton;30lbs/plastic case or wax coated carton
10kgs/carton;10kgs/plastic case.Container load:22mt/40'FCL
Shipment:by cold storaged container. Temperature: 11.5 Ventilate:30%
Fresh washed Ginger (price term:Fob Qingdao port,China) for Japan/Korea
1.Size:150-250g Packing:by 50kg new gunny-bag or 30kg PP woven bag
Price:USD.../mt Capacity:24mt/40'FCL
2.Size:250g up Price:USD.../mt
Packing:by compound-plastic box/wax coated carton
Price:USD.../mt 15kg/box Price:USD.../mt 10kg/box
Dried Ginger(surface dried) for CANADA/USA
1.Size:50g up Packing:by mesh bag of 50 KG new gunny bag or 30kg pp woven bag. Price:USD.../mt Capacity:24mt/40'FCL
2.Size:150g up Shipment:by cold storaged container.
3.Size:250g up Shipment:by cold storaged container,Price:USD442/mt 30LB/box.
Temperature: 11.5 Ventilate:30%
The above offer is available before Dec.10,2006



          Explanation:The detailed packing Specification and other terms
     are subject to the Customer`s requires.


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