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DA cup dish
spring scenery cup dish
three-piece cover cup
mellowness cup dish
spring blossom cup dish
No.2 tea calix
little tea calix
Volvo cup dish
BA cup dish
exhibit cup dish
spring scenery dish
Jane Eyre
dissolve butterfly(floweriness)
multicoloured sparrow
flow gold years
yellow and black
golden butterfly
dissolve butterfly(bright red)
dissolve butterfly(wucai)



dissolve butterfly(primary colors charm)
spot and line(blue)
spot and line(black)



9'salad dish salad bowl
big ashtray
ribwork bowl/dish
5" horn bowl/dish
receive guest braise handleless cup
toothpick canister
3 case sapor dish
5"inclined mouthtea handleless cup
triangle dish
gold dragon lid cup
osseous porcelain lid cup
3# antibacterial lid cup
1# osseous porcelain lid cup
osseous porcelain noodle bowl


osseous porcelain lid boiler
osseous porcelain6-12 inch soup dish soup plate




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