groove zinc steel nail 13!150MM D:1.5!5.3MM
25box/ctn 0.5!1.0KG/box

round pole 16!150MM 1.6!5.3MM
30box/ctn 0.5!0.7KG/box

color dope 16!100MM 1.6!4.2MM
25b/c 0.5!1.0KG/b

black finish 2.5!4.2MM
40b/c 0.5KG/box

gun nails 32!62MM 3.4!3.7MM 40!50b/c 100pcs/box

roofing nails
stem 2.38!3.73MM
cap14!20MM 8-50.8MM

common cycle nail
16!150MM 1.3!4.5MM

Cable fastener nail
100b/c 100pcs/box

Thumb tack
100b/c 100pcs/b

Gold-like clinch nails
50b/c 1000pcs/box

Twist floor nails
Type:25!100MM, 2.5-
4.2MM, 25b/c 0.5-1.0 KGs

Chrome plated bow
catch size100!150#
40!80b/c 10 per box

eye screw
100b/c 100pcs/box

Galvanized window catch
Type: 75!250MM
Diameter: 3.1!5.0MM

The vapor move to keep lining up nail F10!F30
30b/c 5000pcs/box



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